Weather Safety

We take weather safety VERY seriously. All sites have storm shelters and we monitor weather conditions carefully. We will notify parents when appropriate, so please do not call camp during a storm. We need to keep our phone lines open, and will be busy taking care of campers.

Weather is unpredictable and camper safety is of primary importance. Because of this, Sullivan Hills implemented an even stronger system to make sure that campers are safe in the unpredictable weather of the summer camp season in Nebraska. 

“We have a great relationship with our local authorities and they are very good at looking out for us and communicating with us regarding storm safety,” says Dave Coker, Executive Director. “Knowing that we can’t control the weather doesn’t stop us from trying to predict it, monitor it, and be extremely proactive in keeping our campers and staff safe in it.”

“In 2009, we added to our weather safety tool kit by implementing a new software program called Weather Defender ,” says Coker.

Weather Defender, developed by software firm SWIFT Weather, is a weather prediction and monitoring system that helps customers forecast, monitor and respond to weather threats. When threats are issued, the software will alert key people at Sullivan Hills Camp via computer, e-mail, or cell phone.  “With this service, we can see what is happening directly at Sullivan Hills Camp,” says Coker. “We, of course, are watching the local weather station just like the parents, but we also now have very specific information about the weather exactly where we are at and can respond accordingly.”  

“Weather threats are inevitable here in Nebraska summer months. We feel very strongly that the tools we have in place –Weather Defender and our systems for action – are going to help us make sure campers are safe and parents are reassured,” Coker said.

For more information on summer camp weather safety, contact Korey Breutzmann , NLOM Director/Programs, 402-944-2544.